1982—one season; 1983—two seasons; 1984—one season; 1985—one season.


The original French reads as follows:

Pour retrouver ce monument précieux, j’ai parcouru avec soin tout le plateau méridional de la montagne, de même que j’en avais exploré le plateau septentrional; mais toutes mesrecherches ont été vaines.”


The following quotation omits citations and references to tables in the text.


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These scarabs are unique in Israelite settlement sites. The second scarab was found in the fifth season; it is securely dated to Ramesses II’s reign. Therefore, two scarabs date the possible founding of the site to the third quarter of the 13th century B.C.


In this we find a great similarity to house 314 at Masos, locus 1735 from stratum VIA from Megiddo, and other parallels from Ai, Hazor, Hazorea, etc.


The most recent analysis of Level I pottery has necessitated raising the date of the end of this level about 50 years.