Anyone interested in the work of the West Semitic Research Project may write for further information: Bruce Zuckerman, Director, West Semitic Research Project, c/o School of Religion, 328 Taper Hall, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California 90089–0355.


We thank the Louvre for allowing us permission to photograph this and other texts in its collection and particularly acknowledge the help and patience of Mme. Beatrice André-Leicknam, who directs the Department of Oriental Antiquities in the Louvre. Mention must also be made of the indispensable aid of André Lemaire and Maurice Sznycer of the Institut d’Études Sémitiques The openness and collegiality afforded us by the entire staffs of the Louvre and the Institut constitute a model.


We have also identified similar filled-in letters on other Ugaritic cuneiform tablets that the West Semitic Research Project photographed in the Louvre. We are grateful to Jerry Podany, interim director of antiquities conservation, The J. Paul Getty Museum, for taking the time to study photographs of the filled-in letters found on this and other Ugaritic texts and for advising us on the nature of the damage that may have occurred.


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