Father de Vaux, Monsignor Skehan, Father Starcky and Professor Allegro.


Dr. Hunzinger.


See projected DJD (Discoveries in the Judean Desert) volumes Number 8, 18 and 24 listed in the “Suggested Timetable” published in “Dead Sea Scrolls Scandal—Israel’s Department of Antiquities Joins Conspiracy to Keep Scrolls Secret,” BAR 15:04.


See item No. 9 (DJD No. 14) in the “Suggested Timetable.”


Benoit, who took over for de Vaux, died in 1987.


Strugnell himself has said the incomplete catalogue we worked from and from which we counted more than 50 texts assigned to Milik omitted one-third of the plates and one-half of the negatives.


He also published lengthy corrections of texts previously published by Allegro.


E.g.: “I don’t propose spending time in correcting the factual errors and understandings you make about the history of the Qumran Editorial Project; I have rarely seen more per page—they do not improve your reputation for competence in these matters … I am puzzled why you felt constrained to broadcast your ‘letter’ to me with its deadline (the only one, ni fallor, that you have ever sent me) to half the ‘Who’s Who’ of Israel. I do not propose to follow your example. As a rule I do not write answers to public letters—I make just this one exception in your case, hoping that it will inspire you in any further letters to follow politer and more acceptable norms; or is adab [Arabic for “good manners”] so much different among the lotus-eaters?


Unfortunately, this personal attack may have been a heated and ill-considered reaction to a statement attributed to Eisenman to the effect that the Israeli government, in the words of the Jerusalem Post, “was deliberately withholding publication of the Dead Sea scrolls because they contradict elements of faith in the Jewish and Catholic religions.” Eisenman vehemently denies ever having made such a charge. BAR is close enough to the situation to state categorically, as we have several times in the past, that there is no basis whatever for such a charge although rumors to this effect have been circulating for years.