In the “Culture Wars” now raging across America, the educational system is one of the hottest battlefields. BR presents two views on the Bible’s role in secular teaching.


No other book has influenced American culture, its values and institutions, more than the Bible. If students are to understand fully the culture in which they live, somehow they must be introduced to the Bible. Can this be done constitutionally in public schools? It not only can be; it should be.


Charles R. Kniker is not only a fine scholar, but a recognized authority on Bible education. He states well the case for the objective teaching of the Bible in the public schools. But that case fits the period 1960 to 1980 better than it does the current and future decades, since the United States […]

Did Jesus Oppose the Purity Laws?

20In the last century, especially in the last few decades, historians of Christianity have increasingly understood Jesus of Nazareth as a participant in the Judaism of his day. Many scholars, however, while emphasizing Jesus’ articulation of Jewish ethics, or his Jewish scriptural sensibility, or the apocalyptic convictions he shared with so many contemporaries, draw […]

Ancient Medicine
In case of emergency, contact your local prophet By Hector Avalos

27When an ancient Israelite got a raging bellyache, what did she do? Where could she—or he—go for help? According to one recent scholarly study, the answer to the first question was “nothing”; to the second “nowhere”: “In general a sick person had virtually no aids at his disposal worth mentioning, no physicians in the […]


Explaining Jesus’ Crucifixion
Neither Luke nor Matthew nor Mark accuses the Pharisees or “the Jews” in general as the parties responsible for the crucifixion of Jesus. By Helmut Koester
Taking the Lord’s Name in Vain—Which Name?
God’s name is wrongfully used whenever it is invoked to support social injustice or to serve national interests. By Bernhard W. Anderson