From Petrie and Albright to the 21st century, this prolific excavator had a profound impact on Israeli archaeology.

The articles below were hand-selected by the Biblical Archaeology Society editors especially for members of the BAS Library.


Biran at Ninety
Biblical Archaeology Review, September/October 1999 By Hershel Shanks

On October 23, 1999, Avraham Biran, director of the Nelson Glueck School of Biblical Archaeology at Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem, will celebrate his 90th birthday. He will also have completed his 34th season at Tel Dan, the longest-running archaeological excavation in Israel. He has led an extraordinary life—as a student, a government […]

Sacred Spaces
Biblical Archaeology Review, September/October 1998 By Avraham Biran

Upon King Solomon’s death, his kingdom split in two—the kingdom of Judah in the south and that of Israel in the north. A scion of David continued to sit on the Judahite throne in Jerusalem for more than 300 years—until the Babylonian conquest in 586 B.C.E. The north, however, witnessed a succession of rulers from […]

“David” Found at Dan
Biblical Archaeology Review, March/April 1994 By Avraham Biran

It’s not often that an archaeological find makes the front page of the New York Times (to say nothing of Time magazine). But that is what happened last summer to a discovery at Tel Dan, a beautiful mound in northern Galilee, at the foot of Mt. Hermon beside one of the headwaters of the […]

BAR Interview: Avraham Biran—Twenty Years of Digging at Tel Dan
Biblical Archaeology Review, July/August 1987 By Hershel Shanks

BAR Editor, Hershel Shanks, interviewed Avraham Biran, director of the Nelson Glueck School of Biblical Archaeology at Hebrew Union College, in Jerusalem. Hershel Shanks: The name of Avraham Biran is—and will be for generations—inextricably bound up with the name of Tel Dan. When anybody thinks of one, he’s inevitably going to think of the […]


Sacred Stones
Biblical Archaeology Review, September/October 1998