In the bibliographic notes at the end of the book, Chilton provides only some of the background to his complex arguments. Of course, curious readers will make their way through the notes, and perhaps they will trace down some of Chilton’s more annotated works (such as his book, The Temple of Jesus). But the curious reader who tries to use the index in Rabbi Jesus to track things down will be sorely frustrated, especially if the reference is to any page number over 160 or so. Index references beginning there are often off by about a page. Index references to later parts of the book are off by as many as five pages.


Chilton seems to have a soft spot for Yiddishisms, which adds a cute but potentially confusing element to his narrative: With all Chilton’s emphasis of Jesus’ original words, some less-informed readers may wonder if touchus (behind) (p. 218) is an Aramaic expression!