The northern pottery assemblage is represented in the following sites and strata: Hazor Strata X-VIII, Megiddo Strata VB and IVB-VA, Taanach Period IIA and IIB, Beth-Shean Local Stratum S1, Tell Abu Hawam Stratum III, Yokneam Strata XV-XIV, Tel Rehov Strata VI-IV, Tel ‘Amal Strata 3–4, Hurvat Rosh Zayit Strata 3–2a.


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The stratigraphy at Megiddo creates some difficulties, in particular relating to the six-chamber gate. I accept Ussishkin’s view that the monumental palaces of Stratum IVB-VA could have been founded in the Solomonic era (tenth century B.C.E.), but might have continued in use during the ninth century. See Israel Finkelstein, David Ussishkin and Baruch Halpern, eds. “Megiddo III,” Tel Aviv (2000), p. 600.