For that matter, Shimron simply pointed out that the chisel marks show that the lower tunnel was dug from both sides. This is a known fact (see p. 75 and notes 8, 9 of my original article). Repeating this is not a substitute to an understanding of the entire system. The chisel marks do not prove how it was dug; they represent only the last phase of the work, probably when the tunnel was enlarged. And this was indeed done from both sides. The original tunneling, however, was probably done from the spring downward to the shaft. Furthermore, anyone who visits the “cave” below the shaft will notice that it is not nicely worked (to say the least), and is very different from most of the tunnel that connects it to the spring. Clearly, if done in one act we would have expected all parts to be constructed in a similar fashion. The difference clearly shows that there were several stages in the tunneling (no matter how much time separated the various stages), and the chisel marks reflect only the final stage.