The City of David Archaeological Project is being conducted on behalf of the City of David Society for Archaeological Excavations, Restoration and Preservation of the City of David in Jerusalem. The Society includes members of the Institute of Archaeology of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the Israel Exploration Society, the Jerusalem Foundation, a group of contributors from South Africa led by Mr. Mendel Kaplan, and the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation. Leading the expedition is Yigal Shiloh of the Institute of Archaeology. The project architect is Giora Solar. The senior staff includes Donald Ariel, Alon de Grot, David Terler, Jane Cahill and Yair Shoam. Don Gluck was in charge of the excavation of Warren’s shaft, Area J, 1980. Technical and conservation supervisor is Yigal Vall. The Camp Director is Tamar Shiloh. The photographers are Yitzhak Harari and Zev Radovan. The surveyor is Yael Danieli. The geologist is Dan Gil. This staff has been assisted by students from the Archaeological Institute at Hebrew University and from universities in Europe and the United States. The actual work of excavating is being done by volunteers, including a team from Ambassador College in Pasadena, California led by Professor Richard Page. Important help is also given to us by the Rothschild Foundation and the Municipality of Jerusalem.