For a detailed argumentation see, F. Dexinger, “Limits of Tolerance in Judaism: The Samaritan Example” in Jewish and Christian Self-Definition, vol.2: Aspects of Judaism in the Greco-Roman Period, ed. E.P. Sanders (Philadelphia: Fortress, 1981), pp. 88–114 (on 2 Kings 17 in particular see pp. 89–91, and on Ezra pp. 92–96). An even more detailed account of the origin of the Samaritans by the same author will appear shortly in German under the title “Der Ursprung der Samaritaner im Spiegel der frühen Quellen,” in Die Samaritaner, ed. F. Dexinger and R. Pummer (Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, 1992), pp. 67–140.