The expedition was directed by Israel Finkelstein with the assistance of Shlomo Bunimowitch and Zvi Lederman (who was also the surveyor). Permanent members of the archaeological staff were Pnina Ben-Hanania and Ariella Cohen (registration); Mordechai Kislev (paleobotany); Aharon Demsky; Robert Kaufman (organization of volunteers); Moshe Weinberg (photography); Amalia Katznelson (restoration); Bernardina Luttinger (drafting); Amir Feldstein, Michal Iron-Lubin and Shmuel Yoseph (area supervisors). Students of the Department of Land of Israel Studies at Bar-Ilan University, youth group members and volunteers from Israel and abroad participated in the excavations. Many official institutions and individuals aided the work of our expedition: the National Council for Research and Development, the Israel Defense Forces, the Archaeological Staff Officer for Judea and Samaria, the Cherna and Dr. Erving Moskovitz Chair for the Study of the Land of Israel (Bar-Ilan University), Ludwig Jesselson (USA), Ernest Strauss (Switzerland), Oved Ben-Ami (Israel), the Dorot Foundation (USA), the Regional Council of Benjamin, the Jewish Agency and the Jewish National Fund. Dr. Daniella Saltz translated the manuscript.