Articles concerning the relationship between the antiquities trade and site robbing have appeared recently in a number of journals. See for example: National Geographic Magazine (April 1986), Time Magazine (May 2, 1988), Archaeology (Jan./Feb. 1988), ICOM News (e.g., vol 30., no. 3/4 [1987], pp. 3, 29–30), and the Journal of Field Archaeology (JFA) (almost every issue contains an essay or report on the subject, but see especially Oscar Muscarella, “On Publishing Unexcavated Artifacts,” JFA 11/1 [1984], pp. 61–66, and James Wiseman, “Scholarhsip and Provenence in the Study of Artifacts,” JFA 11/1 [1984], pp. 67–78), to name but a few. These articles have strongly condemned the antiquities trade as the chief agent in the destruction of our ancient heritage.