This development is clear in the preliminary reports published in Andrews University Seminary Studies: The first season (1968) in vol, 7, 1969; the second season (1971) in vol. 11, 1973; the third season (1973) in vol. 13, 1975; the fourth season (1974) in vol. 14, 1976; and the fifth season (1976) in vol. 16, 1978; the sixth season (1978) was a smaller excavation at one of the churches, reported in vol. 18, 1980. The final output: Hesban 1, Sedentarization and Nomadization, Øystein LaBianca; Hesban 2: Environmental Foundations, ed. LaBianca and Larry Lacelle; Hesban 3: Historical Foundations, Lawrence Geraty and Leona G. Running; Hesban 5: Archaeological Survey of the Hesban Region, Robert D. Ibach, Jr.; and Hesban 7: Hellenistic and Roman Strata, Larry Mitchell. Five more volumes are planned for the near future, primarily of the archaeological results.