In 1953 C.H. Roberts suggested a date “later in the second century.” On the basis of a comparison with five papyri, he concluded that the Magdalen papyrus is an early example of the well-attested biblical majuscule style (“An Early Papyrus of the First Gospel,” Harvard Theological Review 46 [1953], pp. 233–237). In 1962 Roberts recognized that two Barcelona fragments of parts of Matthew (3:9, 15 and 5:20–2, 25–8) came from the same codex, a view that has won universal agreement (C.H. Roberts, in a note appended to P. Roca-Puig, Un papiro griego del Evangelio de San Mateo, 2nd ed. [Barcelona, 1962]); I owe this reference to Dr. S.R. Pickering of Macquarie University.