Robert Balgarnie Young Scott, in “Weights and Measures of the Bible,” The Biblical Archaeologist vol. 22 (1959), pp. 22–40, fixes it at 44.5 cm.

R. P. S. Hubbard, in “The Topography of Ancient Jerusalem,” Palestine Exploration Quarterly vol. 98 (1966), pp. 130–154, fixes it at 44.65 cm.

Ehud Netzer, in “Ritual Baths of the Second Temple Period at Jericho,” Qadmoniot vol. 11 (1978), pp 54–59 (in Hebrew), presents data that yield a measurement of 45 cm.

C. Warren and C. R. Conder, in The Survey of Western Palestine, Jerusalem, (Palestine Exploration Fund: London, 1884), p. 357, present data that yield a measurement of 44.64 cm.

C. Warren, in “The Evolution of Ancient Weights and Measures” (1924), p. 12, gives a figure of 44.7 cm.