The parallels between the biblical names and the Late Bronze Age Hurrian names are as follows: Hoham—hhm (Joshua 10:3)/a-ri-hÉu-hÉa (Nuzi tablets); Piram—prm (Joshua 10:3)/pì-ru and pì-ru-wa (Nuzi tablets), pri (Ugaritic); Sheshai—sásáy (Joshua 15:14)/sáe-sáa-a-a (Nuzi tablets), sásáy (Ugaritic); and Talmai—tlmy (Joshua 15:14)/tal-mu-ia, and ta-al-mu (Nuzi tablets), tlmyn and tal-mi-ya/ia (Ugaritic).

Hoham and Piram both have a final –am suffix that is not part of the Hurrian element. See Gelb et al., Nuzi Personal Names, Oriental Institute Publications 57 (Chicago: University Press, 1943), p. 217.