Mazar’s typology is the most comprehensive proposed to date; see “Temples of the Middle and Late Bronze Ages and the Iron Age,” in The Architecture of Ancient Israel, ed. Aharon Kempinski and Ronny Reich (Jerusalem: Israel Exploration Society, 1992), pp. 161–187. See also Volkmar Fritz, “What Can Archaeology Tell Us About Solomon’s Temple?” BAR 13:04. The temples range in date from the third to first millennium B.C.E. and include Munbaqa, Emar, Ebla D, Mari, Chuera, Hayyat, Kittan, ‘Ain Dara, Tayinat, Ebla B1, N, Hazor Area A, Hazor Area H, Dab‘a, Alalakh I, Hamath, Shechem, Megiddo, Haror, Alalakh VII, IV, Byblos II, Carchemish, Lachish P, Beth-Shean VI and the temenos at Dan.