The Macalester College excavations are supported by Macalester President Michael McPherson and Provost Dan Hornbach, along with numerous individuals and foundations. The Omrit team would like in particular to thank Eugene and Emily Grant for their support and encouragement. The excavations are under the direction of Andrew Overman. Jack Olive is associate director and field director. Michael Nelson is the excavation architect. Gary Lindstrom and Dan Schowalter are assistant directors, and Nanette Goldman is the educational coordinator. Gaby Mazor, director of the Bet She’an Archaeological Project, is the consultant for preservation and reconstruction. Deby Sandhouse is the ceramicist and Danny Sion is the numismatist. Thanks to all the staff, students and volunteers who have made the last four seasons at Omrit so very productive, and to Greta Tal and the wonderful people at Kibbutz Kfar Szold who take such good care of our excavation team each summer. We would also like to thank Ms. Herta Pitman for her help on this article.