The traditional Hebrew text (the Masoretic text or MT) includes an instruction to pronounce the name Amihur as Amihud. For examples of the intermingling of Semitic and Hurrian names in one family, see Donald Lowie, “A Remarkable Family of Draughtsman-Painters from Early Nineteenth-Dynasty Thebes.” Oriens Antiquus 15 (1976), esp. pp. 98ff.; Kenneth Kitchen, “The Family of Urhiya and Yupa, High Stewards of the Ramesseum: Part II, The Family Relationship,” in Glimpses of Ancient Egypt. Studia in Honor of H. W. Fairman, ed. J. Ruffle, A. Gaballa and K. Kitchen (Warminster: Orbis Aegyptorium Speculum, 1979). Our thanks to Prof. Kitchen for calling our attention to these references.