Malul, “Adoption of Foundlings,” pp. 104–105. The text itself is from J.N. Strassmaier, Inschriften von Nabuchonosor König von Babylon (601–561 v. Chr.) (Leipzig, 1889), no. 439, p. 261. I translate the pertinent passage as “These are the witnesses, in front of them [the lady, …]ra, cast her son, […]tum, to the dog’s mouth, and Nur-Šamaš has raised him from the dog’s mouth.” Further evidence of this practice comes from several attested personal names like ša pi kalbi (He of the Dog’s Mouth) and ina pi kalbi irih (He Has Been Left Over from the Dog’s Mouth). See Malul, “Adoption of Foundlings,” p. 105 and n. 67.