Warren and Conder, Survey of Western Palestine, p. 146: “[T]he general direction of the east wall with south wall, as determined by the Survey, is 92 degrees 50 minutes. The eastern wall is somewhat irregular, the first 120 feet only being in a straight line; beyond this are several bulges, but it is probable that below the surface the first 26O feet of wall are in a straight line. At this point there is a small postern on about the same level as the Single Gate on the south side. From this postern the wall takes a slight bend to north-east, so that at 650 feet from south-east angle it is about 8 feet to east of a line in production of first 260 feet.” Simons also noted this bend to the northeast, and corrected its location to 240 feet from the southeast corner (Jerusalem in the Old Testament, p. 370): “The first section of the [east] wall, from the same [S.E.] angle to a point 73.20 meters [= 240 feet] to the north, is practically straight but at this point it hends slightly outward, to the north-east, so that after 200 meters [= 650 feet] it is already 2.5 meters [= 8 feet] outside the line of the southern section.”