Or as “Yahweh” (the personal name of the Israelite God). Most scholars believe that a scribe went through Psalms 42–83 (the so-called “Elohistic Psalter”) changing each Yahweh to Elohim, the more general word for a God. By this theory, the awkward “God, your god” in Psalm 45:8 originally read “Yahweh, your god.” But is it really possible that the king was called “God”? Yes, for his divine status is at least hinted at in Isaiah 9:5 [English 9:6]; Psalms 2:7–8, 21:5–7 [English 21:4–6], 72:5, 89:26–28, 110:3. And 1 Chronicles 29:23 baldly calls the Davidic throne “Yahweh’s throne.” But perhaps we should instead translate in Psalm 45:7 “your throne is divine, eternal.”