Seir is used for Edom in the mid-14th century B.C.E. in an el-Amarna text (el-Amarna letter 288, line 26) (See Kitchen, K.A. 1992. “The Egyptian Evidence on Ancient Jordan,” in P. Bienkowski, ed., Early Edom and Moab—The Beginning of the Iron Age in Southern Jordan (Sheffield: J.R. Collis Publications, p. 26) and in an Egyptian list from the time of Ramesses II (first half of the 13th century B.C.E.) found at ‘Amarah West (H.W. Fairman, “Preliminary Report on the Excavations at ‘Amarah West, 1938–39,” Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 25 [1939], pp. 139–144). Deuteronomy 2:12 states that “Seir was formerly inhabited by the Horites; but the descendants of Esau dispossessed them, wiping them out and settling in their place.”