C. S. Mosna, for instance, states categorically: “Therefore we can conclude with certainty that the event of the resurrection has determined the choice of Sunday as the day of worship of the first Christian community. … We can conclude without doubt that Sunday was born in the primitive community of Jerusalem before that in the Pauline communities” (Storia della domenica, 44, 53; cf., 15, 20, 25, 27, 51, 77, 88); cf. Pacifico Massi, La Domenica, 43; J. Danielou, Bible and Liturgy, 242, 243, 222; W. Rordorf, Sunday, 215–237; Paul K. Jewett, Lord’s Day, 57, 64–67; J. Nedbal, “Sabbat und Sonntag im Neuen Testament” (Ph.D. dissertation, University of Vienna, 1956) 170f.; Francis A. Regan, Dies Dominica, 191; H. Dumaine, “Dimanche,” DACL IV, col. 892f.