Ann Killebrew would like to express her appreciation to Shlomit Nemlich, curator of the Golan Archaeological Museum, for her assistance in the planning and execution of the House of Rabbi Abun to G. Kari for his ceramic replicas, to S. Glickman for her mats and baskets, to U. Hofi for his traditional work in metal, to B. Nemlich for his carpentry work; and to E. Ayalon, Y. Pinci and Z. Safrai for their expert advice. E. Cohen’s assistance in the museum design and D. Harel’s suggestions are appreciated. Special thanks are due to the Druze of Buqata, especially to H. Hasoon, and to R. Merhav of Qatzrin for their assistance. This research was funded by the Golan Research Institute and the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture.

Steven Fine would like to thank Professors L. H. Schiffman and J. Yahalom for their valuable insights.

The execution of the museum was funded by the Israel Government Tourist Corporation, the Israel Antiquities Authority and the Qatzrin Local Council. Reconstructions at the talmudic village and additions to the open-air museum since June 1989 do not necessarily reflect the archaeological evidence nor the opinion of the excavator.