Orit Peleg-Barkat, The Temple Mount Excavations in Jerusalem, 1968-1978, Directed by Benjamin Mazar, Final Reports, vol. V, Herodian Architectural Decoration and King Herod’s Royal Portico. Qedem series 57 (Jerusalem: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2017). I am grateful to Dr. Eilat Mazar, head of the Publication Project of the Temple Mount Excavations and granddaughter of Benjamin Mazar, who enabled and encouraged me to study the architectural pieces from her grandfather’s excavations as the focal point of my dissertation. My sincere gratitude goes to Professor Ronny Reich, Dr. Yuval Baruch, and Yaakov Bilig, who allowed me to study the relevant finds from the Israel Antiquities Authority’s excavations at the site, as well. Some of the fragments were already published in Yuval Baruch and Ronny Reich, “Excavations Near the Triple Gate of the Temple Mount, Jerusalem,” ‘Atiqot 85 (2016), pp. 37-95.