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A second group of publications followed the investigation by Menahem Mansoor. See The New York Times (August 13, 1956) and The Jewish Chronicle (London) (December 28, 1956). Mansoor’s research is presented best in his article “The Case of Shapira’s Dead Sea (Deuteronomy) Scrolls of 1883,” in Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, vol. 47 (1958), pp. 183–229; Mansoor concludes that “neither the internal nor the external evidence … supports the idea of a forgery” and that “there is justification … for a re-examination of the case” (p. 225). Mansoor’s conclusion is attacked by Moshe H. Goshen-Gottstein (“The Shapira Forgery and the Qumran Scrolls,” Journal of Jewish Studies 7 [1956], 187–193, and “The Qumran Scrolls and the Shapira Forgery” [in Hebrew], Ha’aretz, December 28, 1956) and by Oskar K. Rabinowicz (The Shapira Forgery Mystery,” Jewish Quarterly Review, n.s. 47 [1956–1957], pp. 170–183); Mansoor is supported by J.L. Teicher (“The Genuineness of the Shapira Manuscripts,” Times Literary Supplement, March 22, 1957).

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