“Hadashot Archiologiyot”, 48–49 (1974), p. 84. To these stable complexes must be added the building discovered by J. Naveh at Khirbat al-Muganna, in which were also found rows of pillars in which tethering holes had been perforated; IEJ, VIII (1958), pp. 87ff. 94; Figs. 2–3. Naveh’s assertion that the row of columns which is preserved in the central and western halls is located in the center of the halls, is inaccurate; the row is closer to the northern wall, and from this we are able to reconstruct the plan of these buildings, so that it matches very closely the reconstruction of the buildings at Megiddo and Beer-Sheva. It is worthwhile pointing out that these buildings, like their counterparts at Megiddo and Beer-Sheva, are situated in the city gate area, which is an appropriate location for horses’ stables.