An early example, of course, is St. Paul (see Galatians 3–5). Note also, among many examples, Tyconius, The Book of Rules, transl. William S. Babcock (Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1989). An informative introduction to early Jewish and Christian exegesis of a shared Bible is James Kugel and Rowan Greer, Early Biblical Interpretation (Philadelphia: Westminster, 1986). A contemporary and engaging example of a Jew and a Christian reading the same Bible on vastly different terms is Andrew Greeley and Jacob Neusner, The Bible and Us. A Priest and a Rabbi Read Scripture Together (New York: Warner, 1990). See also “How Judaism and Christianity Can Talk to Each Other—The Basis for an Interreligious Dialogue,” by Jacob Neusner, with Andrew Greeley’s response, BR 06:06.