See Giorgio Buccellati, “The Kingdom and Period of Khana,” Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research 270 (1988), pp. 43–61; see also his article, “From Khana to Laqé: The End of Syro-Mesopotamia,” in O. Tunca, ed., De la Babylonie à la Syrie, en passant par Mari: Mélanges offerts à J.R. Kupper (Liège, 1990), pp. 229–253. In “From Khana to Laqé” (pp. 248–249), Buccellati suggests that the pastoral world of the patriarchal traditions may be a reminiscence—perhaps “an ideological manifesto”—from the “pastoralist revolution” of Khana (Amorite) culture. This is an intriguing possibility.