See especially “The Date of the Settlement of the Philistines in Canaan,” Tel Aviv 22.2 (1995), pp. 213–39; also see “The Philistine Settlements: When, Where and How Many?” in The Sea Peoples and Their World: A Reassessment, pp. 159–80. David Ussishkin was the first to propose the revised “Low Chronology” based on his excavations at Lachish (“Levels VII and VI at Tel Lachish and the End of the Late Bronze Age in Canaan,” in Jonathon N. Tubb, ed., Palestine in the Bronze and Iron Ages, Papers in Honour of Olga Tufnell (London: Institute of Archaeology, 1985), pp. 213–28; however, Finkelstein has been, by far, the more vocal advocate for chronological revision.