See Margreet Steiner, “It’s Not There: Archaeology Proves a Negative,” BAR 24:04. But see Jane Cahill, “It Is There: The Archaeological Evidence Proves It,” BAR 24:04 and Nadav Na’aman, “It Is There: Ancient Texts Prove It,” BAR 24:04. Most people believe that Cahill and Na’aman have the far better side of this debate. Also important are the comments of Professor William Schniedewind in a letter to the editor in the November/December 1998 BAR (see Queries & Comments, BAR 24:06). Professor Schniedewind powerfully brings to bear the weight of historical geography on the issue: Why would people in the tenth century abandon such an excellent site, with a rare water supply, natural defenses and nearby agricultural land, a site that had otherwise been continuously occupied for 5,000 years?