Hillel Geva,Qadmoniot 24 (1991), pp. 62–64, 128, and 25 (1992), p. 58; Manfred Görg, Bibliche Notizen, Beiträge zur exegetischen Diskussion 85 (1996), pp. 5–7; Aharon Kempinski, Qadmoniot 24 (1991), pp. 129–130: “Gabriel Barkay’s question, ‘A Late Bronze Age Temple in Jerusalem?’ has to be answered, it seems, by absolute rejection. A strange assemblage of Egyptian objects from different periods, only part of which were found at one place, and a capital, which looks to the writer of these lines (A.K.) like a Crusader capital, do not permit far-reaching assumptions. The reconstruction of an Egyptian temple outside the walls of Jerusalem at the end of the Late Bronze Age raises amazement” (translated from Hebrew).