Type 11a; see Will, “Relazione mutue tra le anfore romane,” in Anfore Romane e storia economica: un decennio di ricerche (Rome: Ecole Française de Rome, 1989), p. 301; see also Will, “Shipping Amphoras as Indicators of Economic Romanization in Athens,” Michael C. Hoff and Susan I. Rotroff, eds., The Romanization of Athens (Oxford: Oxbow Books, 1997), p. 24. Such factories had been reported in 1883 by the German scholar Theodor Mommsen, but their locations had been forgotten. In 1969, after a difficult search, I was lucky enough to be the first to discover such an amphora. Archaeologists have since located many other factories, even as far west as Metaponto, not far from the modern Italian city of Taranto.