Many of these reviews of concordance programs offer more details about their specific capabilities. One good review by Harry Hahne was written November 24, 1994, for the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, and updated June 24, 1997. It is available on the Internet at . It reviews Bible Windows, Gramcord, BibleWorks, The Word and Logos 1.6. It concentrates on interesting differences between the various morphologically tagged texts and the effects on the concordancing produced. One important issue reported there is the limitation of numbers of matches in the various programs. Some, like Bible Windows, have an undocumented limit of 750 matches, while others, like The Word (300 hits) and Logos 1.6 (32 words), have an undocumented limit on wildcard searches. I hope these were changed in the current versions of those programs, as it seriously hampers scholarly use of them. Another good review of two concordances—Logos and BibleWorks—is available from Randy Leedy. Send him dummy electronic mail at his address——with the words “software review” in the subject line, and you will automatically receive the review in return. Send another piece of mail with a different subject line if you want to contact him, as the computer automatically interprets all mail with that subject line as a request for the software review.