My research was undertaken on behalf of the American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR). The project and its personnel were first announced in the ASOR Newsletter (No. 6, March 1982: 6–11) and in Biblical Archaeologist (45, 1982: 120–21). For a more technical study, see Gary Pratico, “Nelson Glueck’s 1938–1940 Excavations at Tell el-Kheleifeh: A Reappraisal” BASOR 259 (1985), pp. 1–32. Several years of research, including three visits to the site, have generated a lengthy list of acknowledgments, of which only two will be mentioned here. Special gratitude is expressed to Dr. Helen Glueck for her support and patience with this project and to Eleanor K. Vogel for her indefatigable efforts in the ordering and preservation of the records and artifacts.