Complications remain. The Gospels depict Jesus going straight to the Temple area before the period of purification would have been completed, and they have him teaching, in the days before Passover, from—that is, within—the Temple. The (much later) Babylonian Talmud, on the basis of Exodus 13:19 (“and Moses took the bones of Joseph with him”), held that one could be corpse-impure and even carry a corpse onto the Temple Mount (Sotah 20B and parallels), but that the Temple area itself would still be out of bounds. Sanders seems aware of a problem, too, and he alters the evangelists’ language in his description: “[D]uring the days between the eighth and the fourteenth, Jesus is depicted as teaching near the Temple,” The Historical Figure of Jesus (Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1993), p. 251 (my emphasis); for his whole discussion of Jesus’ last week in Jerusalem, pp. 249–252.