Oren, “Haror,” pp. 474–475. At the time of J. D. Klenck’s study of the fauna from the Temple precincts (note 27), few of the equid burials had been excavated. He examined two of the skeletons and concluded that they were Equus asinus (donkey). His study of many of the dog burials revealed that they were all puppies, six months old or younger; their necks had been broken. See Oren, “The ‘Kingdom of Sharuhen’ and the Hyksos Kingdom,” fig. 8.15 for puppy burial and fig. 8.18 for donkey burials at Tell el-`Ajjul. See also Billie Jean Collins, “The Puppy in Hittite Ritual,” Journal of Cuneiform Studies vol. 42 (1990), pp. 211–16.