The salvage excavation was carried out under the direction of the author together with Haim Moyal. Participants included Naser Sanduka (site manager), Raz Nicolescu and Vadim Esman (surveyors), Nili and Abraham Graicer (photography), Dan Amir (logistics) and Yael Gurin-Rosen (glass). We were also aided by Avshalom Dadosh, Asael Lavie, Yoram Frumkin, Gideon Avni, Jon Seligman, Debby Tor and Gideon Solimany. I wish to thank Hanan Eshel for his comments on my manuscript. The full publication of this excavation is forthcoming in Atiqot. I also wish to thank Dan Barag, my teacher, and Amos Kloner for helpful comments and discussion.