Yadin dated the fragment from Hazor to the New Kingdom period; see Yigael Yadin et al., Hazor III–IV, Plates (Jerusalem: Israel Exploration Society and Magnes Press, 1961), pl. 316:1; Hazor, The Head of All Those Kingdoms, The Schweich Lectures, 1970, (London: Oxford Univ. Press, 1972), p. 126, pl. 35 (the photograph is published upside down); Orly Goldwasser, “Some Egyptian Finds from Hazor: Scarabs, Scarab Impressions and a Stele Fragment,” in Amnon Ben-Tor, ed., Hazor III–IV, Text (Jerusalem: Israel Exploration Society, 1989), pp. 344–345. Other Egyptian stelae from the Ramesside period with the name of Osiris were found in the cemetery of Deir el-Balah.; see Raphael Ventura, “Four Egyptian Funerary Stelae from Deir el-Balah,”Israel Exploration Journal (IEJ) 37 (1987), pp. 105–115.