Y. Aharoni, “Excavations at Tel Beer-sheba: Preliminary Report of the Fifth and Sixth Seasons, 1973–1974,” Tel Aviv 2 (1975), pp. 154–156. One suggestion places the sanctuary on the spot of the later Building 32 (p. 162); see also Herzog, Rainey and Moshkovitz, “The Stratigraphy at Beer-sheba and the Location of the Sanctuary,” BASOR 225 (1977), pp. 56–58. A second claims that it was located southwest of the city gate and associated with Building 430. See Yadin, “Beer-sheba: The High Place,” p. 8.

Also see the following BAR articles: “Horned Altar for Animal Sacrifice Unearthed at Beer-Sheva,” BAR 01:01; and Hershel Shanks, “Yigael Yadin Finds a Bama at Beer-Sheva,” BAR 03:01.