Arthur Gibson, “S|NH| in Judges I 14: NEB and AV Translations,” Vetus Testamentum, 26 (1976), pp. 275–283. Solomon Mandelkern (Qonqordansiah le-Tanakh [Concordance on the Bible] [Leipzig, 1896; rev. ed., New York: Shulsinger, 1955], p. 999, s.v. S|NH|) attributes the Septuagint renderings at Judges 1:14 and Joshua 15:18 to a reading tisrah rather than tisnah; but the NEB translation assumes the traditional reading tisnah See L.H. Brockington, The Hebrew Text of the Old Testament: The Readings Adopted by the Translators of the New English Bible (Oxford and Cambridge, UK: University Presses, 1973), pp. 32, 35.