The Black Obelisk mentions Jehu only in the caption over the panel showing the prostrate king, not in the main body of the inscription. The three Assyrian inscriptions referring to both 841 B.C.E. and “Jehu son of Omri” are the Aleppo Fragment, publ. E. Michel, “Die Assur-Texte Salmanassars III (858–824),” Die Welt des Orients 1/4 (1949), pp. 255–271; the Kurba’il Statue, publ. J. Kinnier Wilson, “The Kurba’il Statue of Shalmaneser III,” Iraq 24 (1962), pp. 90–115; and the Safar annals, publ. F. Safar, “A Further Text of Shalmaneser III,” Sumer 7 (1951), pp. 3–21.