The only available copy of this text is an unedited manuscript in the Bodleian Library at Oxford (Ms.Heb.d.11; Cat. No. 2797). It is composed of 388 parchment folios and contains a collection of various writings brought together by Eleazer ben Asher. There are clearly two different hands at work; compare, for example, folio 37b with 38a. One is more ancient, using a different script on older parchment and marginally annotated by the redactor. This includes folios 38a–46b and it is with these that I am interested here. The second hand is in later German rabbinical script and includes all of the work except those folios just mentioned. See also Bloch, “Methodological Note,” p. 73, note 38. See also Emil Schürer, The History of the Jewish People in the Age of Jesus Christ, rev. and ed. Geza Vermés, Fergus Millar and Matthew Black. 3 vols. (Edinburgh: Clark, 1973-) Vol. 1, p. 117.