Hess, Names, pp. 44–45. Examples from Amorite include the personal name from Mari, mu-tu-dda-gan; from Ugaritic, the personal name mtbl (pronounced as Mut[u]baal), and mu-ut-dIM (pronounced either Mut[u]baal or Mut[u]addu), the name of the 14th-century B.C.E. leader of Pella. See J.-R. Kupper, Correspondance de BahÉdi-Lim, préfect du palais de Mari, Archives Royales de Mari Textes 6 (Paris: Imprimerie Nationale, 1954), text 21, line 7; and J.A. Knudtzon, Die el-Amarna-Tafeln mit Einleitung und Erläuterungen 2, Vorderasiatische Bibliothek (Leipzig: Hinrichs, 1915), text 255, line 3; text 256, lines 2 and 5.