The Ophel excavations were conducted under the auspices of the Institute of Archaeology of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, with the assistance of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Jerusalem Foundation, the Department of Antiquities of the Israel Ministry of Education and Culture, the East Jerusalem Development Company and Dr. Reuben Hecht.

Seven weeks of excavation were conducted in March, April and September 1986. Four additional weeks were conducted in September 1987. Professor Benjamin Mazar and Eilat Mazar headed the expedition. Members of the team included: Yonatan Nadelman, principal assistant and area supervisor; Paul Davies, assistant supervisor; Aharon Meir, Tamar Shabi, Yigal Yisrael, Shoshi Yisraeli, Stephen Wimmer and Zvika Shamir, area supervisors; and Margalit Hayush, registrar. Thanks also to Ditza Shmuel, for registration and drawing; to surveyors Leen Ritmeyer, Wolf Schleicher; to architects Doron Chen, David Milson and Gary Lipton—who also prepared the final plans; and to photographers Ilan Sztulman and Gabi Laron. Yaacov Kalman and Manoach Zahavi were in charge of field administration; Ruti Rivak, restoration; MaryLou Goetz, laboratory; and Shifra Eisenstein, drawing.

Special thanks are due to my colleague Egon Lass, for his assistance in the project’s initial stage.

I am also most grateful to Professor Amihai Mazar and to David Tarler, supervisor of Area G at the City of David Excavations, for their important and enlightening comments.

Also taking part were workers and volunteers who assisted greatly in various ways.