These hagiographies were later copied in medieval monasteries, usually in Greek. Only at the turn of the 20th century have they been published in critical editions. Until recently, however, many of them remained untranslated, and those that were translated appeared in French. In the 1990s, however, a number of these hagiographies were translated into English. See Leah Di Segni, “The Life of Chariton,” in V. L. Wimbush (ed.), Ascetic Behavior in Greco-Roman Antiquity—A Sourcebook (Minneapolis, 1990), pp. 393–424; Cyril of Scythopolis, The Lives of the Monks of Palestine, translated by R. M. Price (Kalamazoo, Michigan, 1991); and The Spiritual Meadow of John Moschus, translated J. Wortley (Michigan, 1992). These English translations should open the extraordinary world of the monks of the Judean Desert to a much wider audience.