T.J. Papadopoulos and L. Kantorli-Papadopoulos, “Preliminary Report of the Seasons 2005–2008 of Excavations by the University of Ioannina at Tall al-Kafrayn in the Jordan Valley,” Annual of the Department of Antiquities of Jordan (ADAJ) 54 (2010), pp. 283–310; S. Collins, K. Hamdan and G. Byers, “Tall al-Ḥammām: Preliminary Report on Four Seasons of Excavation (2006–2009),” ADAJ 53 (2009), pp. 385–414; S. Collins and H. Aljarrah, “Tall al-Ḥammām Season Six, 2011: Excavation, Survey, Interpretations and Insights,” ADAJ 55 (2011), pp. 581–608; Yassine, ed., Tell Nimrin. Virtually no Late Bronze Age pottery has been found at Tall el-Hammam or Tall Nimrin. “Rare” Late Bronze Age sherds from Tall Kafrayn may actually belong to the Middle Bronze II corpus, as some Middle Bronze II forms did carry into Late Bronze I. No Late Bronze Age architecture exists at any of these or other eastern kikkar sites.