See Bargil (Virgil) Pixner, “Copper Scroll (3Q15),” Anchor Bible Dictionary, ed. David N. Freedman, vol. 1 (New York: Doubleday, 1992), p. 1133. By way of comparison, Appian (Bella Civilia 2.101,421) reports that 60,500 talents of silver (approximately 5500 talents of gold) and over 20,400 pounds of gold (approximately 260 talents) were carried in Caesar’s triumphal procession and then distributed. Pompey (Appian, Mithridates 116, 565), who was by far the richest man in Rome in his day, managed 16,000 talents of silver (approximately 1,455 talents of gold). But this does not take into account the apparently sizable inflation that took place between the time of Caesar and that of the Flavians.