As she herself notes in her book, out of 32 attestations on ossuaries, two ossuaries (and three attestations) use the spelling YWSP (Rahmani catalogue No. 573, with two attestations, and Emile Puech, “Ossuaires inscrit d’une tombe du mont des Oliviers,” Liber Annuus 32 [1982], pp. 355–372, especially 358), i.e. about 10% of cases. She also rightly mentions the Beney Hazir inscription (CIJ 1394) with two attestations (D. Barag, “The 2000–2001 Exploration of the Tombs of Benei Hezir and Zachariah,” Israel Exploration Journal 53 (1993), pp. 98–110, especially 92), as well as papyrus Murabba’at nos. 28 and 31, Yadin papyrus no. 7 (three different personages, about ten attestations) and Yadin papyrus no. 44 (probably a mistake for Yadin papyrus 9.5), which makes at least seven instances (and more attestations) of this spelling, “compared to nearly 50 instances of ’Yehoseph’”: This would come to over 10%!